Vote Absentee/Vote Early in Maine…No Problem

Mainers can vote early by absentee ballot for any reason.
College students away at school can vote absentee.


Contact the municipal clerk in the town or city where you are registered to vote. Uniformed Service and Overseas voters will request an absentee ballot directly from the Secretary of State, Division of Elections.

You can make a telephone request for your own ballot, which will be mailed to the address you provide to the clerk.

You can request your own ballot electronically using the Secretary of State’s online absentee ballot request service. The approved online form can be found at the following web site:

You can make a written request by completing an absentee ballot application. Additionally, you can obtain a ballot for an immediate family member in this same way. A ballot will be mailed to the voter directly or to an immediate family member making the request. Your municipal clerk can tell you who is considered an immediate family member under the law.

NOTE: Ballots obtained by the voter or an immediate family member do not require witnesses, unless the voter receives assistance from another person in reading or marking the ballot.

Request your absentee ballot by October 30, 2014 and return it by mail or in person to your town clerk by 8PM on Election Day, Nov 4th.

Check this link if you have further questions on absentee voting


I am housebound and need an absentee ballot.
I like to vote absentee so I can take time to read and think about the ballot issues.
I am the parent of a student and requested a ballot for her at college.
I vote absentee so I can volunteer all day for Fulford on Election Day.


Walk in Election Day Voting…No Problem.

Anyone 18 or over can go to their local polls and vote on Nov 4. You cannot be turned away.
You can register at the poll on the day of the election and vote.
Or if you don’t have an ID, you can cast a provisional ballot.