• We’re voting for Democrat Jonathan Fulford for State Senate for Waldo County because it’s the right thing to do. Betsy and I have lived in Waldo County since 2009, but we’re not really “from away”, having lived in Maine a combined 80 years. We will live out the rest of our lives here in Maine’s uniquely mid-coastal yet rural county, so what happens in the next election matters greatly to us, our family and friends. We first met Jonathan in Belfast’s Come Boating, when he led the group with his quiet, competent and congenial ways that got things done. We liked him immediately. When we heard he was going to run for State Senate, having endured the worst Governor and Waldo’s unoriginal and ineffective incumbent senator since we moved here, who are both no friend of the hard working person and determined to destroy our beautiful shores, rivers, lakes and mountains in the name of “business”, it was a no-brainer that Jonathan would have our vote. Now that we’ve volunteered in Jonathan’s clean election campaign, wittnessed his dedication to the common man and principles of fairness, honesty, democratic sharing of ideas, and patient listening to all he encounters, we’d vote for him even if the incumbent was a thoughtful, fair-minded, competent man—like Jonathan. Jonathan’s the best person for these worst of times. We’re proudly voting for Democrat Jonathan Fulford as the best Senator for Waldo County on Nov. 4th.

    Jeff Smith & Betsy Headley, Swanville,

  • My wife and I have known Jonathan for 25 years. He built our wonderful house and is a consistently selfless community member. We need someone we can trust. Jonathan has earned it. He’ll bring the same careful craftsmanship to representing Waldo County that runs through everything he does.

    Greg Bates, Monroe

  • I have known Jonathan for nearly 30 years and he has always been a compassionate and articulate voice for social justice and common sense. If elected he will be a tireless advocate for the interests of the common person.

    Buck O'Herin, Montville

  • Jonathan says that he must keep every subcontractor, worker and supplier heading toward the same goal while meeting their needs too. Sounds like great leadership to me.

    Leslie Woods, Montville

  • I've known Jonathan for many years now and he is one of the most intelligent, most enthusiastic and caring people that I know. He is a hardworking, thoughtful and compassionate person. If anybody can help restore the human element to the political process, and make the right choices to help Maine's own people, it's Jonathan Fulford.

    Steve Rinker, former employee