Big Money in Maine Politics

I have not, nor will I ever take corporate money for political purposes. I only work for the people of Waldo County and Maine. We need to get Big Money out of our democracy so that government is accountable to citizens.  I’m proud to be running as…

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Why I Support Jonathan Fulford for State Senate

He walked back to the car, sat down and said, “Well, I don’t know that I got their vote, but they wanted to talk and I was there to listen.” Read the rest in The Free Press

I have known Maine Senate candidate Jonathan Fulford for nearly 30 years. I know Fulford through a lens that few others do. On several occasions we have paddled wilderness rivers in Quebec with a small group of friends. You learn a lot about a person during a…

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Person for the people

It’s time for real representation for Waldo County. I will vote for Jonathan Fulford for state Senate because he has a vision for the future of Maine, a future that does not include selling our state to the highest corporate bidder. Read the complete letter in the…

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