Support a Green Future

published in the Republican Journal

Sitting in line waiting for gasoline during the first oil crisis back in the 70s started me thinking about energy. After years of study, what I now know is that burning fossil fuels, except for some very limited purposes where the high density energy they provide is irreplaceable by anything else, must stop. It despoils our planet. Fossil fuel burning is a major cause of respiratory ailments which cause many unnecessary deaths. Global warming is real, directly related to fossil fuel use, and threatens to cause a level of human suffering unprecedented in the history of humans. Despite claims (mostly Republican) to the contrary, the science linking climate change to the activities of man is as convincing as it is inconvenient. It is an ultimate irony that conservatives, who are so concerned with the possibility that our grandchildren might have a large burden of debt due to federal spending, are equally unconcerned that we are leaving them the world so despoiled that survival may literally not be possible. On the other hand, were the US to default on every penny of its debt, life would still go on largely unchanged. Finally, we are running out of fossil fuels. When we have to turn to something like fracking to find the energy we need, you know the resource is getting scarce.

In 1978 I built a house that uses no fossil fuel whatsoever. I can testify that I enjoy all the conveniences and comforts. The cost of construction was basically the same as any other house. If we do it now, while we still have the luxury of some fossil fuel left to help us manufacture the green future, the transition to a renewable energy economy need not be painful. If we wait until our backs are against the wall, as without action they surely will be someday fairly soon, the transition will be difficult. Is this what we want for our grandchildren? They will curse us and rightfully so!

For this reason, I am writing to urge people to put down their traditional political ideologies and loyalties and vote for candidates who support a green future. To this end, I would like to recommend the candidacy of Jonathan Fulford for State Senate. The voting record of Mr. Thibodeau, the incumbent, clearly demonstrates that he does not grasp the necessity of making these changes.

Keith Hutchinson, M.D.