Maine props up ‘two Americas’ with no Medicaid expansion

Current representation in Augusta is picking the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots,’ and the effects are felt right here in Waldo County. Maine lags behind the other New England states embracing expansion in economic growth.

This would effectively maintain the two Americas. The states that declined to expand Medicaid or design state exchanges are mostly the poorer, less healthy states. Right now, Maine is on this list.

Gov. Paul LePage has vetoed majority votes to expand Medicaid five times. If we continue in this direction, 12 percent of Mainers will continue to be uninsured while 96 percent of residents in nearby Massachusetts are insured.

It’s time for a change. Jonathan Fulford supports broadening access to healthcare for over 2600 citizens of Waldo County which, in turn, would stimulate the economy and lead to over 160 new jobs. His opponent has refused to accept federal funds to provide affordable health care, working with Governor LePage to repeatedly vote down healthcare expansion, including the bi-partisan proposal. The following Bangor Daily News piece explains how “politics threaten to block health reform from fulfilling its promise: to bridge the yawning gap in health and economic potential between the two Americas.”

Maine props up ‘two Americas’ with no Medicaid expansion – Bangor Daily News