Clearing the Air on Public Financing



Recently, supporters of Jonathan Fulford’s Republican opponent, Michael Thibodeau, have made wildly false claims that Jonathan is receiving significant monetary support from out-of-state interests. This is simply untrue. In the first three months of his campaign, Jonathan received $3,000 in “seed money” from friends and neighbors, with no donation over $100. After that, his only funding has been the public financing from the Maine Clean Elections Fund.  

In stark contrast, Mr. Thibodeau – who declined to participate in (and be bound by the restrictions of) the Maine Clean Election system – has amassed nearly $500,000 in contributions to his candidate committee and the two additional political action committees (PACs) he controls.  This gigantic stockpile was accumulated through contributions from wealthy individuals, corporations, and industry associations – with half of the total coming from out-of-state interests.

For those who may want to take a closer look at who is funding Michael Thibodeau, here is a link to a spreadsheet that details who gave funds to the PACs he controls – the pharmaceutical, tobacco, gambling, oil and gas, and insurance interests, among others — and where those contributors are located.  All of this information was drawn from public records available through the Maine State Ethics Commission.

To get corporate control out of Augusta, Vote Clean: Vote Fulford on Nov 8th.