Big Money in Maine Politics

I have not, nor will I ever take corporate money for political purposes. I only work for the people of Waldo County and Maine.

We need to get Big Money out of our democracy so that government is accountable to citizens.  I’m proud to be running as a Clean Elections Candidate because I want to represent the people of Waldo County. I refuse to owe favors to corporations or wealthy donors whose money overwhelms the voices of people and families. Our Clean Election rules are strict and enable more candidates from all walks of life to run for public office.   

My only special interest group is the taxpayer. My average contribution is $10.77.  I will never take money from lobbyists or corporations.  

In the time since the last election, I’ve worked to better understand how Augusta works. It can be hard to figure out when public business is done behind closed doors and without input from us. Dark money and organizations with phony titles wield stealth influence.  I will shine a light on these practices and open up government to citizens.  The sabotage of the Solar Bill and the 2014 budget deal that was negotiated in secret at the last minute are examples of the poor leadership and lack of transparency that plagues Augusta.